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Morning Yoga Routine Poster

Morning Yoga Routine Poster

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Start the day with energy and mindfulness with our Morning Yoga Routine Poster featuring an illustrated cow demonstrating various yoga poses. Perfect for classrooms, homes, or any space where little yogis gather, this poster brings fun and wellness together in one vibrant design.


  1. Illustrated Cow Poses: Meet your morning yoga companion, the cheerful cow, as it guides young practitioners through a series of energizing and grounding yoga poses.

  2. Engaging Design: Vibrant colors and charming illustrations make learning yoga poses enjoyable and accessible for children of all ages.

  3. Perfect for Any Space: Whether hung in a classroom to kick-start the day or in a home to promote family wellness, this poster adds a touch of mindfulness to any environment.

Morning Yoga Routine:

  • Sunrise Salutation: Greet the day with the sun as you stretch and reach for the sky.
  • Cow Pose: Connect with your inner cow as you ground yourself and find strength in stillness.
  • Moo-ga Flow: Move gracefully from one pose to another, flowing like a gentle breeze through the pasture.
  • Meditation Moment: Take a quiet moment to reflect and set positive intentions for the day ahead.

Product Details:

  • Size: 18x24 inches
  • Digital Download - nothing will be shipped.
  • Suitable for framing or hanging as is

Bring joy and mindfulness to your morning routine with Little Yogis Academy's Morning Yoga Routine Poster featuring our friendly cow instructor. Order now and inspire a love for yoga in children's hearts!

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